Some reviews from the Hands On Health Yelp page:

"I've been going to Jennie for years, and was just here on this page to send her info to yet another friend. I've probably sent a dozen people her way because she is so good.  Jennie has helped me with upper back pain, lower back pain, leg problems, etc etc.  I don't know how people go on without treating this kind of stuff.  Jennie knowledge of anatomy is amazing, and she knows the  limits of her treatment--she sent both me and another friend to an orthopedic surgeon when it was necessary.  I highly recommend her!" John H.

"Jennie has changed my life! I have been seeing her for over three years both for personal training and therapeutic massages. When I first started seeing Jennie I was having neck, shoulder, elbow, back and knee problems. I'm quite active so my aches and pains were seriously impacting my quality of life. Jennie has the unique ability to quickly and effectively pinpoint the source of a person's physical issues. She doesn't just treat symptoms.. She gets down to the root and helps you find the cause so you can make the necessary life changes to improve your physical health. Her goal is to help you fix your problems, not have you become dependent on seeing her for relief." Anne K.